Digital Outdoor

Citiwall is an innovative communication tool consisting into digital solutions in various formats (ranging between 40 and 80 square meters) which are placed on buildings or urban walls overlooking streets and squares. This solution is designed to offer advertisers optimal coverage through a dynamic message that affects and engages the audience through high-definition screens. The following spaces are purchases and traded, following the media planning of communications projects.

Digital Wall

Digital Wall are advertising solutions with a very high communicative impact, suitable not only for companies and its brands, but also for institutional messages and a great variety of contents that need a high informative impact.
Digital wall technology allows an unprecedented advertising impact. Digital walls can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, up to 100,000 hours.


The rotor circuit at newsstands is an advertising system of great impact that reaches an important and diversified target. Specifically, there are about 160 single-sided, variable-message, backlit advertising systems, placed in adherence to newsstands located in intense pedestrian traffic areas in the municipality of Milan. The rotor transmit advertising messages with a time interval of about 10 seconds between one message and the following one. These facilities are active 16 hours a day over 365 days a year.

Online Spaces

We have at our disposal different types of online advertising spaces, in particular:

Web Platform: we offers different types of online advertising spaces which differ for pricing and visibility (es. Skin, Masthead, Half-Page, In- Content, Banner, Pre-roll, Branded Article, Branded Video);
Media Visibility Exchange: we also offer other online spaces which are available for daily trades. Such online spaces are acquired by Media-Maker through media barter trades with third party players.


Infopad is a network of directories installed inside high traffic indoor spaces (e.g. malls), able to attract and engage customers. It is an interactive communication platform that allows us to enrich our media spaces portfolio with assets that are capable to generate engagement for brands.


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