Media-Maker targets a broad market sector. The Company’s management believes that the Company is already able to reach young, adult and senior customers through the printed and online press and to provide quality branded content to client companies aiming at attracting and engaging their customers.

This Strategic Business Unit includes different departments which are all characterized by the production of contents:

(Printed And Online)

Branded Content
And Consulting

Press (Printed And Online)

This department focuses on supplying editorial contents to editors who publish magazines which are distributed both in physical copies and online.

This department seeks to continuously create innovative and up-to-date contents with the best quality to price ratio and provide them to editors whose goal is to reach mass market audience.


Media-Maker also offers branded content and consulting services which are targeted to companies operating in a fast-moving market which need to communicate to consumers through several channels and offer them new contents.

Media-Maker creates branded content addressed to specific audiences and combine these contents in cross-media projects, thus creating, producing, and distributing high quality products through different channels (TV, web, cinema, social platforms).

Media-Maker offers to client companies an integrated approach, combining marketing and communication, branding and advertising services. In particular, the Company develops its marketing strategy through the following consulting areas:

Corporate Communication

Corporate Image

Brand Awareness

Advertising & Communication Campaigns

Events And Special Projects

In addition, the Company relies on its flexible monetization model that, through barter trades, is capable of offering to clients personalized payment solutions by combining cash payments and barter trades, thus creating a more convenient and faster compensation scheme.

Branded Content And Consulting


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