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Company Overview

Media-Maker is a company focused on the development and production of branded content. Furthermore the company features expertise and assets necessary for the creation of cross-media projects for any tipe of clients.

Thanks to an efficient business model and the capacity to operate with media barter the company also has a media portfolio on different kinds of channels.

Starting July 25th Media-Maker has been listed in Euronext Growth.


Becoming a leader in the production of cost effective contents through an expertise that spans through the major communication channels and a business model that is flexible and efficient in the monetization activities.

Structure and Business Line


Content production and the creation of cross-media projects for costumers.
Internal editorial offices and skills on different channels of communication allow the company to optimize project developments.
Video production to support projects, for documentaries and for the distribution of multimedia contents.


Managing different tipes of communication channels, eg. infopad inside shopping malls, rotors next to newstands, outdoor, paper adv, etc.
Such spaces are managed directly and exclusively or they come from media barter activities to then be resold to clients through cross-media projects.

TV Productions

Media-Maker also produces audiovisual content, such as, inter alia, tv programs, advertising and multimedia contents for cinema, television, corporate companies and their brands, and also for the Company’s Web-Platform. Such video productions range over different genres, such as, inter alia, entertainment, reality, game shows, lifestyle, documentary, animation, talk shows, drama, comedy and kids shows.


Business Model

Media-Maker develops and produces branded content which exploits the interconnection of different media channels with whom it has exclusive agreements for the management of contents and advertising spaces:
radio, TV, media pad, app, digital adv, info pad and LED walls.

Media-Maker uses a highly competitive business model due to the flexibility of the payment method: cash and barter.


Get Connected

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.

F.C. and VAT n: 09945470962
For general info: info@mmaker.it
For privacy: privacy@mmaker.it
For investor relations: investorrelations@mmaker.it

Media-Maker SpA
Via Privata Giovacchino Belli 14
20121 Milano

CALL: +39 02 87177406


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